Past Projects


2009 Mayors' Race2009 Mayors’ Race
In collaboration with the Ray Pearson Forum, the Student Government Association, and various other student organizations, REDA coordinated a debate for the 2009 mayoral elections. Mayoral candidates John Cook, Gus Haddad, Carlos Rivera, and Lee Mendez, discussed city issues, including economic development, the drug war, and public transparency.
Adios ASARCO, Hello Future!Adios ASARCO, Hello Future!
In collaboration with the office of Senator Shapleigh, Get The Lead Out, and various other student organizations, REDA organized a conference that celebrated the permanent closure of ASARCO and discussed the possibilities of the ASARCO-site in the future.
Intro to Economics and FinanceIntro to Economics and Finance
Two REDA members presented an interactive introductory lesson of economics and finance to six-grade students at Alderete Middle School. Topics discussed include the definition of an economy, supply and demand, and the stock market.
REDCo LogoREDCo Internship
REDA member, Alejandra Montalvo, interned for the Regional Economic Development Corporation to gain experience in the professional field of economic development. Additional information is coming soon.
Regional Identity Web Magazine
Driven by REDA, the Regional Identity 2008-2009 was an online publication that discussed regional economic, political, and academic issues from the student perspective. The Ri published six issues and attracted over 3,000 unique visitors.
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