About Us

Mission Statement

The Regional Economic Development Association is a UTEP student organization dedicated to improving the economic and political outlook of the Paso del Norte region.

Vision Statement

The Regional Economic Development Association (REDA) has a vision to be an impactful agent of the University that progresses and develops the Paso del Norte region. REDA will be an illustration of how student activism can be a powerful influence on community and education.

REDA will become iconic in UTEP for its role in maturing its members into polished professionals and active members of their community.

Brief History

Originated in 2006, the Regional Economic Development Association (REDA) aimed to be a direct link from the University to the business and political leaders of the Paso del Norte region. REDA’s trademark project was the Regional Identity magazine, which successfully was published in print twice.

In the 2008-2009 school year, REDA experienced an influx of strong members and ideas. Still aiming to be an active organization in the region, REDA educated its viewers about regional economic issues from a student perspective through the traditional publications of the Regional Identity (Ri) magazine. However, the new Ri magazine took on a strictly web-form.

Supported by strong Ri content, great civic involvement, and distinctive relationships with the Paso del Norte public and private sectors, REDA was nominated as the 2008-2009 UTEP Organization of the Year. REDA is currently the only College of Business organization to have received the honor of UTEP Organization of the Year.

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